MAPcore Equipment

NanoString GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler

  • Used with MAX/FLEX nanoString nCounter system or NGS Illumina platforms
  • Spatial resolution of up to 96 protein targets and 18,000 RNA targets
  • Compatible with FFPE and frozen tissue slides

Zeiss Axio Scan.Z1

  • Brightfield and fluorescence whole sides scanning
  • Colibri 7 LED system
  • simultaneous 8 colour IF imaging
  • 100 slide capacity
  • 2.5x, 10x, 20x, 40x objectives

Leica RM2235 Manual Rotary Microtome

for routine sectioning

Leica Aperio AT2 Digital Whole Slide Scanner

  • Highly reliable autoloader with 400-slide capacity
  • Z-stacking with up to 25 layers
  • 10x, 20x, 40x magnification
  • Sustained high throughput rate of 50 slides/hr. (20x)
  • Generates ScanScope Virtual Slide files

Leica BOND RX fully automated research stainer

  • Fully Automated single and multiplex IHC and ISH
  • 30 slides capacity
  • customizable pre-staining protocols (HIER, dewax and protease)

Leica Laser Capture Microdissection Microscope LMD7

  • Gravity based collection preserves the integrity of the isolates (contact-free and contamination-free)
  • Draw & cut, move & cut, draw and scan, LMD screw and shadow cut dissection modes.
  • Serial section cutting
  • Dedicated LMD objectives: 5x, 6.3x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 63x and 150x